Training Costs Agreement
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Training Costs Agreement

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This is a Training Costs Agreement which can be issued by an employer to obtain an employee's agreement to pay back the cost of training (plus books, course materials, professional membership fees, exam fees, travel/mileage expenses and accommodation), should they leave within a certain time frame, after the completion of the course/qualification.

The training should not be booked before the Agreement is signed.

This Agreement provides for the amount to be repaid to reduce over time on a percentage basis.

It also provides for the recovery of training costs if the employee does not attend the course, examination(s), or complete the course/qualification.

This Training Agreement should not be used for mandatory or statutory training which the employer requires the employee to attend on a compulsory basis.

It is for use where an employee requests, or an employer offers, support for training and qualifications which are not strictly necessary for an employee to do the job that they have and to support them in their career development.

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