8. Phased Return to Work Schedule
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8. Phased Return to Work Schedule

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Use this Phased Return To Work Checklist and Schedule to consider and agree the details of a Phased Return To Work, including regular reviews with an employee.

Both the manager and the employee sign the document and this is important. I have experienced employees trying to claim that they did not have a phased return and had been discriminated against.

A Phased Return To Work should include reduced working days/hours and adjustments to duties, including light duties, to minimise the stress to the employee during their first week back and as working hours and duties gradually increase to contractual levels.

Where an employee will return to night shifts an Occupational Health Assessment should be offered.

You should make 3 copies of the completed and signed Return To Work Schedule, one for the employee, one for the manager, and another for the personnel file.

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