Performance Improvement Plan and Review Form
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Performance Improvement Plan and Review Form

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Following on from an informal warning letter after a discussion on minor misconduct/unsatisfactory performance (as opposed to misconduct where the formal disciplinary procedure should be commenced), this Performance Improvement Plan and Review Form sets out a Performance Improvement Plan detailing the unacceptable conduct/poor performance and improvement required.

The Review Form is easy for supervisors/managers to complete and create a record of performance reviews against the improvement required.

It also makes it clear to the employee how their conduct/performance needs to improve and that it is being reviewed regularly.

If appropriate in the case of poor performance or minor misconduct (which is not sufficiently serious to warrant the commencement of the Company’s formal disciplinary or capability procedure), in an attempt to informally help the employee to achieve required the required standards, a Performance Improvement Plan and Review Meetings should be held.

We recommend holding these review meetings weekly for 4 weeks, then depending on the improvement achieved, they should be held monthly thereafter for the next three months.

Assuming that the employee is not on their probationary period, if the employee does not reach the required standard within a reasonable time frame, the Company’s formal disciplinary or capability procedure (depending on the conduct/poor performance and reason for it) should be commenced.

Issues and questions to consider asking when assessing poor performance:

  • Has past performance on the same or similar tasks been acceptable? Is the employee capable? 
  • If performance has deteriorated, why? Have new ways of working been introduced?  Are there any other influences, such as working relationships, interference, or personal issues outside of work which are affecting their conduct/performance?
  • Does the employee know what you want them to do and have the ability to achieve it, but lack control over other factors affecting their performance and outcomes?
  • Does the employee understand fully what it is they are required to achieve?
  • Is closer supervision required on a daily basis?
  • Encourage agreement to the performance improvement plan objectives.
  • Does the employee check matters with their supervisor that they are not sure of enough?
  • Has the employee received training on any tasks which are not performed satisfactorily?
  • Does the employee think that more training and coaching will help?
  • Is it a case where they can do it but will not or do not want to? Do they understand the importance of required standards/procedures?

Try to finish review meetings on a on a positive note, e.g. I believe that you are capable of improvement.  You have improved significantly and we will continue to provide training and meet, to support you to reach the required standards.

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