Letter Giving Informal Warning for Poor Performance or Minor Misconduct
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Letter Giving Informal Warning for Poor Performance or Minor Misconduct

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This informal letter is as far as you can go to warn an employee about their poor performance or misconduct without complying with the ACAS Code of Practice on Discipline and Grievance, in conducting an investigation, holding a hearing chaired by a person other than the investigating officer with advance notice of the allegations in writing with the right to be accompanied by a trade union official or a work colleague, and giving the right of appeal against a disciplinary sanction with the appeal being heard by another more senior manager than the one who chaired the disciplinary hearing and decided on the sanction.

The letter sets out the poor performance/minor misconduct (and provides examples of wording, such as arriving late and leaving early, lack of attention to detail, lack of cleanliness, excessive mobile phone use, use of Company's internet to gamble/complete online surveys/go on social media during working time, offensive language etc).  The letter also confirms the improvement required and explains that Performance Review Meetings will be held to monitor the employee's performance with a view to them improving and maintaining the standards of performance and conduct required, so that formal proceedings in accordance with the Company's disciplinary or capability policy will not be necessary.


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