Letter Confirming Unsuccessful Probation Period & Dismissal
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Letter Confirming Unsuccessful Probation Period & Dismissal

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Use this letter to end the employment of an employee on their probation period, due to a failure to achieve the required standards of performance.

The letter provides guidance on the need to check:  that your discipline policy/procedure is non-contractual or does not apply during the probation period; that you do not have a contractual redundancy policy if applicable; that there is no likelihood of a discrimination or other claim, such as for exercising a statutory right or whistle blowing being brought; and that your employee will not have the 2 years' qualifying service required to bring an unfair dismissal claim.

The letter also includes a reminder to make sure that you give this letter to the employee in person to confirm safe receipt, or send it through the post by recorded mail, because the notice of dismissal, or dismissal date if you are making a payment in lieu of notice in accordance with a clause in the contract of employment, will take effect on the date it is received by the employee.

In addition, the letter requests the return of company property for you to include where applicable.



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