1. Bereavement and Compassionate Leave Policy
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1. Bereavement and Compassionate Leave Policy

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This is a Bereavement and Compassionate Leave Policy ready for you to adapt for your company.

Whilst there is no right to bereavement and compassionate leave, whether paid or unpaid, there is a statutory right to a reasonable amount of time off to deal with unforeseen matters involving dependants in an emergency.

It is good practice to be an employer of choice and support employees with paid, unpaid or a combination of paid and unpaid bereavement and compassionate leave.  Bereavement and compassionate leave will assist employees on the death, serious injury or critical illness of a loved one and in the event of an employee experiencing a severe personal ordeal or emotional trauma. 

This policy demonstrates that the Company supports employees through such times and the policy aims to apply fairness and consistency in offering bereavement and compassionate leave to employees.

This Bereavement and Compassionate Leave Policy is not contractual.  The Company reserves the right to change this policy from time to time and consider individual circumstances on a case by case basis.

Options of paid and unpaid leave are included for employer's to choose from, based on best practice.

Managers should take care not to discriminate against employees based on their religious practices, different religions have different practices and customs.

Time off to arrange or attend funerals and attend probate meetings is also clarified in this policy template.

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