2. Casual Worker Contract
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2. Casual Worker Contract

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This is a Casual Worker Agreement template.

For variable hours arrangements, be sure to use the correct type of contract, a Casual Contract or a Zero Hours Contract.

With a Casual Worker Contract, the Company is not obliged to offer work to the Worker, even when it is available and equally, the Worker does not have to accept the work offered.  This could cause a problem if you manage a busy hotel and have a wedding booked over a bank holiday weekend.  You need extra staff and the majority of your casual workers decline to work, leaving you far too understaffed and unable to train new ones in time. 

Casual Worker Agreements may also not be sufficient in any environment requiring minimum staffing levels, where you do not have a high enough number of Casual Workers available and willing to work.

In the case of a Zero Hours Contract of Employment, although the Employer does not guarantee a minimum number of working hours, the Employer commits to providing work when it is available and the individual has to accept it.  This does not mean that a Zero Hours Contract requires an employee to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it could be that a person agrees to work Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 6 pm to Midnight when you need extra help in your restaurant, under a Zero Hours Agreement.

Both Casual Worker Agreements and Zero Hours Contracts are forms of flexible working.  The hours of people working under these arrangements should be regularly reviewed to check that they truly reflect the nature of the working Agreement.  Where hours become regular, a part-time or fixed-term Contract of Employment should be issued to make sure that these types of contracts are not misused to the detriment of the workers and also ensure that your reputation is not damaged.

This Casual Worker Contract also includes additional clauses for you to choose from, including:  driving licence requirement; equality and diversity; anti-bribery; alcohol and drugs; confidentiality; health and safety; dress code/uniform/company branded clothing and PPE etc.

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