The following documents are available below:

1. Safeguarding Policy

2. Notification of Suspected Abuse or Neglect Form

3. Notification of Incident Form

To book affordable, certificated safeguarding training, specifically tailored for your business and delivered by an accredited safeguarding practitioner, I recommend that you contact Clive Barnard at Osterly Associates.

Clive Barnard   Tel:  07871 169572   E-mail:

Training can be delivered at your premises, or the trainer can book a venue nearby.

Let us not forget the importance of safeguarding training to ensure that employees are aware of the signs of abuse and neglect. 

Safeguarders can be life savers.

Please ask yourself "Can you prove that you have been diligent and taken all reasonable steps, appropriate controls and safeguards, and kept them under review?".

The safeguarding policy says that you have, but you need to demonstrate that you actually have done what you pledge to do and a large part of this, is training your employees.