Contracts of Employment (incl. Casual, Zero Hours and Term Time)

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Employees are entitled to a written statement of particulars of employment (commonly referred to as a 'Contract of Employment)', which meets the requirements set out in the Employment Rights Act. 

Employees are entitled to this written document within their first two months of employment, if employment is to last a month or more. 

It is however recommended that you agree your Contract of Employment at the start of the employment relationship and include enhanced provisions to protect your business.

The "1.Contract of Employment" template below includes examples of clauses for you to choose from and adapt to suit your needs and also enhanced options, including:

fixed-term contract clauses; shift, part-time and various working hours; enhanced notice periods; call out allowance; discretionary bonus; commission; production based bonus; company vehicle; fuel card; car allowance; expenses; probation period; payment in lieu of notice; garden leave; lay-off and short-time working; anti-bribery; receipt of gifts; health & safety clause for manual workers; alcohol & drug testing; dress code including uniform and protective clothing options; confidentiality; driving licence; equality & diversity; smoking; mobile telephones; pension; life assurance; death in service benefit; medical insurance; and intellectual property rights.

You can delete the options which you do not wish to apply.

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If you require restrictive covenants, or any other clauses, please contact us so that we can advise you correctly and provide you with suitable wording.

If you are not confident in drafting contracts of employment using a template document in MS Word, please contact us for a quotation to write your contracts of employment for you, on a consultancy basis.