Contracts for Self-employment

Whether you use self-employed individuals, or are one yourself, it is important to agree terms and conditions of business before work on a consultancy/freelance/self-employed basis commences, and set clear expectations on both sides.

The best way to establish the services, any cancellation terms, whether another consultant/worker can be sent in place of another, agreement to confidentiality, payment rates and terms, the duration of the agreement, and notice of termination required, is in a professionally written consultancy or self-employed worker agreement.  

A contract of self-employment, is a contract for services, whereas a contract of employment, is a contract of service.

It is highly important that organisations using self-employed workers maintain their position on the employee status of the individuals engaged to provide services, as self-employed consultants/freelancers/contractors under a contract for services, responsible for their own income tax and business insurance.

If you are unsure of whether you have identified the correct employee status, please get in touch to discuss the situation.