Apprenticeship Agreement

It is advisable to issue a fixed term Apprenticeship Agreement to an apprentice rather than a permanent contract of employment.

This agreement is suitable for use in England and Wales and explains that upon the successful completion of the Apprenticeship, the Employer will review whether it is in a position to offer further employment to the Apprentice.  This agreement provides for there being no guarantee that the Apprentice will be offered continued employment once the fixed term Apprenticeship Agreement has come to an end, which could end early, if the employee completes the Apprenticeship sooner than expected. 

It also states that it is a condition of employment that the Apprentice attends the training courses and when requested, provides evidence of attendance.

Any offer of employment on completion of the Apprenticeship, should be on new terms and conditions of employment, whilst honouring continuous employment rights.

As the Employer, you should review your Apprentice's progress with the College on a regular basis.

This agreement dictates that employment is dependent on the Apprentice attending the course and passing the examinations and assessments required.  In addition, in the event that the college will no longer allow your employee to attend the course, due to their conduct, this agreement will end.

Please remember that it can be more difficult to dismiss an apprentice due to the extra duty of training, and if you unfairly dismiss an apprentice, you could receive a claim for not just for loss of earnings until the end of the Apprenticeship, but loss of future earnings, had they qualified.

I urge you to also be aware of the increase in pay rates, once an apprentice moves from the apprentice rate to the national minimum wage rate for their age, and that an apprentice is not automatically redundant at the end of the apprenticeship.